We are Aibilities, a startup passionate
to combine healthcare and
technology together to improve
human lives. We are technology
geeks and we believe that
technology will not be valuable
and beneficial if it doesn't
bring value for human lives.
Our first product, which we call Blink Control is an assistive technology to assist people to overcome their disability by providing other means of control and communication.
Please check out our product page for more information and leave comments or feedback. As seen on :
Dokita is a telemedicine mobile and web service that allows you to consult with a docter anytime and anywhere !No more long waiting periods for asking simple questions. Get trusted, engaging mobile and web apps that help you connect with the best health information and care. Best of all, it is all free. Check out our product site at www.dokita.co
Ask any health question and quickly get answers from our Doctor. For free.
Dokita mobile apps put doctors at your fingertips, anytime anywhere. Dokita is available on Android, Blackberry, IOS, Symbion, etc.
Find doctors in your area based on their knowledge and expertise that is most relevant to your question.

If you have any feature requests, you have an amazing idea for an app and want us to make it, you have a question about one of our existing apps, you need support, or just want to say “Hi”, please contact us.